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A colorful painting of the top of a bowl.
Round Rainbow Pouring Canvas


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A painting of swirling colors and bubbles
Blue Ocean Pouring Canvas


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A painting of fire and black paint on top of a table.
Lava Galaxy Pouring Canvas


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Two paintings of a forest with different colors
Rainbow Squares Canvas (Set of 2)


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Custom and Unique Artwork

Business in South Florida

Hello, I'm Heliana Rivera, a self-taught and unconventional artist residing in the vibrant landscapes of South Florida. Nature is my greatest muse, inspiring an array of artistic expressions—from abstract paintings to digital designs, resin sculptures to portraits, offering unique artwork. Each piece I create is a fine exploration of emotions, experiences, and memories, a reflection of happiness, grief, joy, wonder, and longings. I find joy in every stroke of the brush, and I'm excited to share my work with you.

Custom Artwork

Experience the magic of personalized art and unique paintings with our custom artwork services. Tailor your piece to perfection—choose your colors, size, and any special requirements. Art, to me, is more than a creation; it's a legacy, capturing who we are and our contributions to society. I believe this form of expression should be accessible to everyone, allowing individuals to authentically showcase themselves.

Philanthropic Mission

I believe in giving back. With every art sale, 11% goes to a beneficiary of your choice. It's not just about art; it's about creating awareness and inspiring others to care for the world. Together, we can make a positive impact.

A painting of a white and yellow abstract background
A painting of flowers and a butterfly.

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Welcome to a world where art, philanthropy, and personal expression converge. Explore, create, and Pay it 4Ward.

Ready to dive into your imagination? Reach out for details and quotes via email. Let's create a piece that's uniquely yours—a masterpiece that reflects your individuality and contributes to the beauty of our shared legacy.